The Persistence (PS4) Media Room & Engineering

The Persistence is a procedurally generated VR, Horror Survival game for PlayStation 4, developed by FireSprite Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2018.

Below is a collection of original concept images created by Darren Douglas for The Persistence, as such all content is subject to copyright by Sony Computer Entertainment and Darren Douglas.

For more on The Persistence visit the official website

Media Room

media room 01media room 02 view_from_on_stagemedia room 03Bmedia room 04Bmedia room 05media room 06media room control centre 01media room control centre 01Bpress areas 01



crawlspaces 03bengineering 01Bengineering 02engineering 03engineering 04engineering 05engineering 06engineering 09bengineering 11bengineering 13engineering 14engineering 15engineering corridor 01engineering corridor 02engineering corridor 03engineering corridor 04engineering corridor 07Bengineering RAP drive 01engineering RAP drive 02 upper levelfans 01knelson concentrator 01pipes 02rotary pumping machine 01shutters 01 hiresshutters n shit 01shutters n shit 03shutters n shit 04trommel machine 01crates big 01crates 04crates 03crates 01compressor 01boxes 06boxes 05boxes 03big generic machines 01



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