WipEout Concept Archive 1999 – 2008

WipEout is an iconic series of futuristic ballistic anti-gravity racing games developed by Studio Liverpool (formerly known as Psygnosis) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation.

Below are a series of original environment concept images created by Darren Douglas for the WipEout series, as such all content is subject to copyright by Sony Computer Entertainment and Darren Douglas.

For more information on the WipEout series visit the official website.

aerialviewAg Interior 010Ag Interior 013ag_template3ag_template7mall_interiorCag_template7mall_interiorDag_template7mall_interiorEAGStartArea02_2AGStartArea03AGStartArea05background_vehiclesbackground_vehicles11corporate_8corporate5corporate15corporatethumbcrowdboxcolour2feisar_towers_front_overheads2feisar_towers_rear_drop_tunnel2feisar_towers3feisar_towers4fury and zenfury zenmeta-mall2nevada_colournewveniceritard2shipship2_basic_shiny2bship8ship9StartGrid_1bstartgrid_withshipstartgridcopythumbs 01thumbs 02track 6track 8track speedup_view_02track weapon_grid_view_05trackbuilding4colourtrackbuilding7colourtrackbuilding9trackbuilding10trackside2trackside4trackside6trackviewtrackview_building3_furytrackview_building5trackview_building6trackview_building6ctrackview_building8btrackview_building8detail8tunnelvictorycolourwipewipe_02_contrastwipe2

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