Switch Galaxy Ultra (Characters)

Switch Galaxy Ultra is a fast-paced, reflex-based multi-platform video game developed by Atomicom.

Below are a series of original character concept images created by Darren Douglas for Switch Galaxy Ultraas such all content is subject to copyright by Atomicom and Darren Douglas.

For more on Switch Galaxy Ultra visit the Official Website

amur 001bamur 002bamur 003bamur 004amur 006amur 006bcossies 01Glynnie 001 hatGlynnie 001Glynnie 002Glynnie 004Glynnie 005Glynnie 005bGlynnie 005cGlynnie 005dGlynnie 006Glynnie 006bGlynnie 007Glynnie 007b

One thought on “Switch Galaxy Ultra (Characters)

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  1. Very great characters ! I like to think that Vince have a deep voice like a space cow boy or an british veteran yelling “Bollocks !” to peoples and amur an angelic voice and a perfect harmony with her environment and all living being.
    An space truck driver anti-hero and a fairy queen in her golden cage who’s singing and studying until her liberation. (Bioshock infinites vibes)

    Great pair , very enjoyable characters, great art mr Douglas.

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