The Persistence (PS4) Sci-Tech & Mining

The Persistence is a procedurally generated VR, Horror Survival game for PlayStation 4, developed by FireSprite Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2018.

Below is a collection of original concept images created by Darren Douglas for The Persistence, as such all content is subject to copyright by Sony Computer Entertainment and Darren Douglas.

For more on The Persistence visit the official website


Sci-TechAlcubierre 01FTL 01FTL 05laser room 02science area 01science area 02SciTechRoom lower level 02SciTechRoom_02matt3 paintoverring thing 01laser room 03science area 03science area 04bSciTechRoom lower level 01standing console 02tanks 01teleport 01teleport 04warp drive 013D printer 01big wall 01fab store 3D printer 04fab store 3D printer 02console 01hydroponics_Tower 01IRIS 01FTL 04



Miningcrystal room 02crystal room 04crystal room 05crystal room 06crystal room 07crystal room 08engineering 16Neodymium section 01server room 01bulldozer attachments 01mining machines 01mining machinary 01heavy_machines 01vehicles 01scissor_lift 02driller 01drills n that 01circuit board 01trollies 01


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